• Megan Blanchard

Megan was born in Colorado to a military family, and felt lucky to spend a good deal of her youth traveling. A tomboy growing up, with a natural inclination to catch bugs and play in the mud, dancing wasn’t anywhere on Megan’s radar. In college she took a leap, breaking out of her comfort zone, and enrolled in jazz and modern dance classes. Though Megan enjoyed these styles, it wasn’t until she took her first ballroom dance class, with BDCF”S very own Rulon Jenson, that she found a style of dance she couldn’t live without. That was more than 10 years ago. Over the years, Megan’s passion has grown, leading into hours upon hours upon hours of training, and thousands of dollars spent, in pursuit of learning.  She cannot think of a single thing she’d rather have spent her time and money on (though the student loan people might have a different take on that!!!). Megan choreographs couples’ routines for weddings, and is currently delving into group choreography, however her passion is social dancing and sharing the joy of it.

~”My classes focus on the art of leading and following, and I try to ensure that they are fun and stress-free. I don’t believe in the notion of “two left feet”. In fact, I think that if a man can dance Salsa with one leg, and a dog can dance Merengue (see below), then anyone can dance. So what are you waiting for?”

  • Rulon Jensen

   Rulon was born and raised in Los Angeles. He had no dance experience prior to taking ballroom dance class in 1991, at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  If asked, he owns up to only taking that first class to impress a girl.  However, Rulon soon discovered he really enjoyed dancing and took as many classes as possible.  Rulon felt fortunate to make the BYU formation dance team in 1992, and danced with that Company until 1994. Rulon loves that in ballroom dance, nothing is achieved alone; he and his partners have many accomplishments including: Medals exams with honors in bronze level social; bronze and silver level Latin; bronze and silver level modern ballroom; Medals exams with high honors in silver and gold level social dance; Nevada Star Ball championship in Pre-Novice and Novice modern ballroom categories; and finalist in several other competitions in California and Utah.

Rulon has had the privilege of teaching beginning and intermediate level social dance at BYU and in Alaska.  He choreographs routines for dance festivals, and for the Fairbanks Dancing with the Stars competition. He is most proud of helping to instill the love of dance in his family, whom he is most thankful for.


  • Tiffany Lehnerd


Tiffany has been dancing from a young age. While she enjoys all styles of dance, she is professionally trained and certified in American Smooth and Rhythm Ballroom Dancing. Tiffany was named one of the top 15 instructors in the world in 2015, and earned the title of VIP dance instructor for the Boston area Arthur Murray dance schools in 2016. When she is not teaching lessons, Tiffany dances and choreographs professional routines with the Dance Revolution Crew of Fairbanks.

Since moving to Alaska, she has been involved with teaching summer camps at Ryan Middle School, adult classes with the Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks, as well as serving as an adjudicator for Fairbanks DWTS, the Ballroom Club’s Jack & Jill competition, as well as their annual ballroom competition at Pioneer Park.

In addition to partnering with local organizations to share her love of dance, Tiffany also teaches both group and private lessons through her own business, Ballroom By Tiffany. Tiffany is looking forward to another wonderful year of teaching with the club and is excited to continue to share her love for teaching and dance with the greater Fairbanks community!


  • Amy Speeter

Amy Olbrich




When Amy was young, she watched her grandparents dance the Jitterbug at a wedding and was awestruck. Nothing looked more fun! She vowed to learn to partner dance and took some swing dance classes in high school. She moved to Corpus Christi, Texas in 2009 and discovered a thriving social dance scene. She joined the Shiny Shoes Dance Productions dance team and assisted and taught several styles of dance both in a studio and at a country night club.

Her passion is Country Western social dance in true Texas style, including but not limited to Texas Two Step, Country Polka, and Country Waltz. Nothing brings a bigger smile to her face than dancing around the floor to a good country tune, and she is excited to share her Texas dancing knowledge here in Fairbanks.