About Us

The purpose of the Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks (BDCF) is to promote ballroom dance and provide the opportunity to dance.

 The Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks (BDCF) is a 501.C3 non-profit that promotes social ballroom dancing in the Fairbanks community. It is a volunteer club consisting of members of the community, students and military. Club members range from absolute beginners to experienced dancers.

We aim to provide a welcoming environment for those who wish to learn to dance socially. Partners and experience are not required to join the club.

Each fall the club organizes its class schedules for the coming season.  Classes consist of a rage of styles, including Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Country.

Each month BDCF hosts Social Dances and weekly Dance Practices.  Every year a formal ball is organized to provide an excuse to dress up and dance!  Check out our calendar for dates/locations/times.


Membership application form:

Membership forms are available at classes, dances and practices.  The data on the form (your mailing information, Email address & phone number) is entered into a membership data base and held confidentially for club use only.

You can apply online here.


Membership obligations:

There are three….come meet new people, learn to dance and have fun!!


Do I need a partner?

No partner is necessary.  Come enjoy the Club!


What do I wear?

We ask that folks wear casual comfortable clothing to classes and practices.  Dressy casual is the norm at our dances.  Formal (of course) at the annual ball.


Please bring clean, non-marking shoes.  We have the nicest dance floor in Fairbanks, and work hard to keep it that way.


Who we are.

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What we do.

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